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Formateur bilingue / traducteur

Informations Générales

  • Adresse Tarek ben zied cheneni Gabes
  • Slogan Do it perfectly
  • Langues Anglais-Françaus-Arabe
  • Niveau d'études Bachelier bac+4
  • Années d'expérience 14
  • Nom & Prénom Adnen ferjani
  • Num. de tel. +21624396052
  • Adresse mail Ferdyadn

    Dear Mr


    Please consider this correspondence my application for a Work Teacher of English as a second language (ESL)   .

    In addition to my high English language standard. During my student teaching semester, I worked closely with the school’s reading consultant in designing group and individual lessons for special needs students and volunteered as an after school tutor in the baccalaureate program ( I was honored by the school) also I’ am a trainer  at the CREFOC  English language laboratory giving courses to the teachers on how using the edu4   ultra lab and many different kind of free software to teach with like animated software jclic, toon –do,photo story ,tellagami, tell me …etc…

    and I worked as a translator in many companies as a part time job in SOHATRAM ben Rhouma and in the shipping ( giving training sessions  to peoples from different ages  in 3 languages English French and Arabic . in 2012 I was chosen by THE IATEFL( international association of teachers of English ) and British council ( Tunisia& Morocco) to give a presentation in Morocco about the use of ICT in teaching English in Classroom. The same year I attended a workshop on adaptable teacher arranged by Mackenzie and Atlantic school in Tunisia

    .  These experiences proved beneficial to the students,peoples and skilled workers and I realized personal satisfaction when observing the success of this type of educational delivery plan ( creating a learning scenarios through the use of internet and other Microsoft office software  .  In the future, I hope to pursue additional course work in language arts and computer as an augment to my current academic background.


    My immediate objective is to excel as a trainer and teacherand I am certain that my enthusiasm for challenging students   ordinary people and skilled workers , knowledge of a variety of learning methods (using computer Ipad and providing students with learning scenarios) and dedication to providing one-to-one attention .  As indicated on my resume, I have acquired educational skills beyond those required by my program by attending several workshops and seminars to keep abreast of the field.  In addition, I held three vacancies (high institute of languages in Gabes Tunisia (FACULTY) teaching e-learning and ESP  ) In 2013 I moved to Oman with the Ministry of education and a part time job in ELES (English education services ) as a teacher and a designer content for different learners levels . to support my studies and was able to successfully manage both my school work and time.

    I am at the present a trainer AT THE Elite institute in Muscat where I deliver ELTS preparation course.


    Please contact me at  =21624396052 or   if you have any questions or to arrange an interview.





    Ferjani  adnen


British council Technicien en labo des langues

Enseignement d anglais via labo des langues( outils  informatique) 

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